TypeError: e.play is not a function. (In 'e.play()', 'e.play' is undefined) in Safari


I’m using the Cloudflare Stream API player and when calling .play() in Safari I’m sometimes getting the following error:

TypeError: e.play is not a function. (In 'e.play()', 'e.play' is undefined)

It seems like it’s happening most of the time when calling .play() too early after loading the page, but I don’t see any event I can use to tell whether Cloudflare is fully ready or not?
Is there a way to detect when Cloudflare is ready, i.e. .play is NOT undefined?

The same code is working every time in Chrome.


@MajesticBlvd Thanks for reporting! Would you mind putting together a reduced test case (either on codesandbox or similar) to reproduce the issue? Thanks!

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Here you go @kkipp:

It’s happening about every other time if you refresh the page (the error will be seen in the Safari web developer console, not CodePen’s).



Thank you! In the meantime, you should be able to listen for the canplay event.

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Waiting for the canplay event works, thank you @kkipp

@MajesticBlvd this should be fixed now!


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