.txt traffic on account analytics

On the account analytics tab of my Cloudflare account, I see section that breaks down all sites’ traffic based on the content type:

I am curious to know more about the txt traffic that I see above. Is there some kind of log where I can see what those files are? I don’t serve any txt files on my sites, so I am baffled to see this.

robots.txt maybe?

Otherwise I’d check the server logs. Cloudflare won’t provide such logs, unless you are on an Enterprise plan. Maybe check out https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/firewall&path~contains=.txt

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Thank you! I’ll talk to the host for server logs. Piqued my curiosity as the traffic for txt is significantly higher than everything else. This is monthly:

I noticed, that’s close to a 1000% of your HTML traffic.

The firewall link didn’t show anything?

Not seeing anything conclusive there, but also I didn’t have firewall configured earlier:

Should I block txt traffic temporarily to see what happens? :thinking:

I imagine the blocked queries will be logged on that page.

If you are sure you have no .txt files, then you could block it.

Another possibility would be that your server simply is returning text/plain for some files. I presume the content type does not necessarily go by the extension but rather mime type.

Good point, I will look into these things. :+1:t4: Found a similar thread mentioning webp files being returned as txt files:

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