TXT records not showing up when querying


I have added a TXT record on my domain, on the Cloudflare.com page I can see it, but when I dig it, I don’t get any answer. I have tried to add some arbitrary TXT so another domain which I have on Cloudflare and I also don’t get any answer. Domain in question is dantesmile(dot)com.

Could someone confirm, that when digging dantesmile.com for TXT records, blank is returned?
And any hints how to make it work?

Try changing the “automatic” to 2 minute?

It does resolve fine

$ dig +short @aria.ns.Cloudflare.com yandex-verification.dantesmile.com TXT


However I believe you misconfigured that record. It probably should be “@” as name and “yandex-verification: e70952032efd35bb” as value.

Sandro, you are correct. Thanks for your help.

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