TXT records not showing up in TXT look up, recurrent issue?

Hello community, I’ve seen this kind of issue being posted again and again, but the answer that is always given to the user is to open a support ticket. Why is that the case, shouldn’t at this point be a wiki or tutorial or something to help the users solve this problem on their own rather than asking the users to open a support ticket, since it’s kind of a recurrent issue.

Hi @rraallvv,

It is sometimes suggested to open a ticket if it is not a general issue, but an account/domain specific one.

If you share the domain and a screenshot of the record you added but is not appearing, someone here may be able to help.

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Here you go. Thanks for the clarification.

I see those in DNS:

% dig +short txt _acme-challenge.nimizuela.org @

In some acme clients you need to add a slight delay between when you create the verification record and when you attempt validation (such as acme.sh --dnssleep 30).

What are you using to create those records, and what tool are you using to issue LE certs?

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Sorry, I forget to mention that the one I’m interested in is the “google-site-verification” record, the others with name “_acme-challenge” are the ones I was using with this tool, but I’m no longer generating the certificates that way. The record “google-site-verification” is for using with the Google search-console. Thanks for taking a look into this.


Your TXT record for Google verification is there:

…but it was added wrongly.

The name of the record should be @ for root, then the content should be “google-site-verification=Sppix…”


Thanks so much.

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Hmmm… I seems the Google verification process is using only the domain name (nimizuela.org) instead of (google-site-verification.nimizuela.org) since the error I’m getting on the Google Search Console is showing the same record showed here, that is ca3-6dee049dfb314ad1a0cd204169ec8a57.

If I recall correctly that record didn’t appear before, when added the records for _acme-challenge, back then the TXT records were showing both _acme-challenge records on several TXT look up websites.

Do you know what could be causing the problem?

Yes, Google will verify the domain only.

You currently have a record for google-site-verification.nimizuela.org because you created the TXT record the wrong way.

Edit your TXT record so that it looks like this:

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That solved the problem, thanks so much.

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