TXT records for domain for my ActiveCampaign

I have added txt records for domain for my ActiveCampaign. But it is not setup on DNS side.
Here is the link to validate:
Authenticate Email with SPF, DKIM, DMARC | ActiveCampaign.
Can anybody help?

There’s nothing there other than a blank form. What’s the complete hostname for your TXT record?


Here are the complete details of TXT record:

TXT Record Name: dk._domainkey.spidrontech.com.
TXT Record Value:v=DKIM1;p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDhkOo8s6fh9Byz1uy69tfQ6eUnzi/5P22EWccwI1PdmCpiyNwZcq3vOS2MHbVYB+ZY6wbBlAFym8EHbZY9OTlJ3+dzt8qTUNW5olkNVl4ecDv3XO2ML8q5sxQL+dwQU6UAQiDAAC/ZRWwiXHrSsr90pqH1Q0vhB7Kp6DHrWYJquQIDAQAB

Thank you

That TXT record is publicly visible.

Hello Sandy,
Thank you for your help. It is still not showing as a verified domain in my active campaign. I have added the DKIM and SPF records for the email automation in my activecampaign.

Please find below the DKIM & SPF records are correct according to the activecampaign but the validation is remaining from the cloudflare. Could you help me with this? The 2 domains are www.spidrontech.fr and www.spidrontech.com


Leave off the ‘www’, as that’s not your domain.

I am not using www in active campaign during the generation of DKIM and SPF records. Apart from this from where I have to remove www? Or else we can have a remote session. Please let me know if that is feasible for you.

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