TXT records are not propagating

I have changed nameservers about 6 hours ago and A, CNAME, MX records have all propagated, except for these TXT records which forward mails using forwardmail.net.
Other TXT records are also visible. I have created a test.domain TXT records and 5 seconds later, it was already visible using whatsmydns.net.
So how come these specific TXT records refuse to show online?

Yeah, I don’t think this is just the normal propagation waiting game as any test.domain txt record I create propagates immediately. Only the root txt files needed for the email forward, not even SPF ever show in a search.
https://www.whatsmydns.net/#TXT/test.neurochirurgie-vanderplanken.be vs
They do show here however in the viewdns.info report.

I have deleted all forwardmail.net TXT records and a few seconds later, my “other” TXT records already started to show up (spf, test, …).

Is there a limit in the number of TXT records, after which a lookup just does not show a single TXT record?
Is it possible that no TXT records show, when there is a syntax error (if that even exists in records)?

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