"TXT Records Added - NEED DNS to UPDATE"

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here’s what I’m getting

I added 2 new TXT records on Friday morning and they have not Propagated.
We HAVE to Validate our domain with these 2 new TXT records to get our GoDaddy SSL Certificates

  1. Can you verify that the Cloudflare name servers at the bottom of your DNS page with those records are Graham and Naomi?
  2. If you add other types of DNS records (A, some other TXT, CNAME), does it propagate?

Right now on my DNS page it shows:

Then the account you’re working on is not the one that’s controlling that domain.

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hmm… interesting. - I apologize but I’m new to Cloudflare.
Any Idea of how I switch?

Please advise

Do you know who set up the original account? The best approach is to log into the correct account.

There are two approaches, and only one is appealing:

  1. Log into the correct Cloudflare account for that domain. You can try the “Forgot my email address” link at the dash.cloudflare.com login screen.
  2. Go to your domain registrar and update their WHOIS info to point to Casey and Jasmine. The downside is that the Graham/Naomi account might have settings you need for the site that aren’t in the Casey/Jasmine account.

well, I’m really not sure what the original creds are.
The other IT Network Admin no longer works here and I’m trying to figure this out blind.
I have until Sep 9th to get the new SSL Certs from GoDaddy installed… but Gdaddy won’t let me DL until the domain is validated.

Hopefully you do a better job documenting the system than the previous person.

If the “email address” option doesn’t turn up anything in your inboxes, you’ll have to go with Option #2. I sure hope you have those login credentials. It looks like the domain is registered at SRSPlus.com

Yeah, I know… I’ve only been here since Feb 2021. It’s kinda a cluster.

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