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Hi to Cloudflare community can anyone say to me how to connect the https://www.sitename.it/serverlist/zexy with my site to https://vote.zexy.rip with the redirect to https://www.minecraft-italia.it/lista-server-italiani/zexy with a txt record?

Do you want to redirect from your site to that other one? That can be achieved with a page rule and a redirect.


Create a page rule and you are good to go :slight_smile:

I tried but is not working try to connect to vote.zexy.rip

You dont have a DNS record for that, you will still need to create that regardless of the page rule.

I created that with the page rule but don’t function

You still need a DNS record for it set to :orange: for the page rule to work.

I have the dns in the Cloudflare management

With the Cloudflare ssl

You created a TXT record with the destination URL as content and that does not work.

You need to create an A record pointing to some IP (it doesnt matter which), which you proxy and then you create the page rule for that host.

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How I can redirect the site www.minecraft-italia.it/lista-server-italiani/zexy with vote.zexy.rip help me the site minecraft-Italia don’t have different address for the site

I dont know how else to explain it than what I have already done three times. What is unclear? You need an A record and a page rule which acts on that record and performs the redirection.

Add an A record for that subdomain, pointing to and set it to :orange: Then create the forwarding page rule… As @sandro said… Not sure of another way to put it!

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Now the Origin is unreachable

Of course it is not reachable if you enter an invalid IP address, but it should not even reach it to begin with if you implemented the page rule properly.

http://sitemeer.com/#https://vote.zexy.rip shows that it resolves and connects fine but then times out. You probably did not specify the page rule. No offence, but we are going a bit in circles.

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