TXT Record with quotes


I imported DNS records via Plesk. The TXT records have quotation marks, this is the first time I saw this (previous imported TXT records didn’t hate quotation marks)

If I query the DNS it’s shown without quotation marks tho.

What am I missing? Should I remove the quotation marks? Or is it fine the way it is now?


Just noticed, the automatic report destroyed the DKIM and SPF record. Had to manually fix them. This is weird.

You do not need the quotes for a TXT record.

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Same problem.
While importing via API or uploading a file in the dashboard, the quotations are added. Also, data is skewed if you leave the quotations off of the import.

When I query the API, the TXT record content shows this:

"content": "\"v=spf1 a mx -all\""

Is there any workaround to import DNS records without having" " ?
With the current system, all TXT records change when importing DNS records or from a BIND file. Which causes DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and Domain Verification records not to work.

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