TXT record removes corresponding subdomain from DNS servers

I’vo got a “small” problem. It concerns TXT records and corresponding to it subdomain. When TXT record (no matter what is entered (initially facebook verification string supposed to be there)) subdomain tied to this record is immidiately wiped out from DNS Servers. I can’t resolve it’s name. The only way to see if it worked was through DNS Lookup Text Record - MxToolbox and there the change is visible but the domain itself is still down. Any idea what might cause such weird behaviour?

I can not replicate this. Are you saying that creating a TXT record for ‘sub’ erases an “A” record for ‘sub’ in your DNS screen here?

No it does not erase a record in DNS dashboard. It’s still there, unchanged, but trying to resolve a name ends up with failure of finding resoluion for that name. Like the TXT record wiped out any trace of my record in every DNS server. It’s not an issue withpropagation too. I’ve waited more than an hour to see if that’s the case but unfortunately it wasn’t

What’s the actual hostname that’s not working?

i’d prefer not give it publicly. Are you looking for something particular? Do you have
any suspicions about what it might be?

That you’re not looking it up properly. Try dnschecker.org and make sure you have it toggled to the proper A or CNAME setting for the lookup.


You pointed me in the right direction. While I had CNAME set, it was wildcard * CNAME. I added CNAME specifically for that domain and it works as it should, though I don’t know why it happened. Thanks for help!

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