TXT record on root removes the root cname record

Trying to create the post as I get an error about having 4 links :confused:

I’m getting an error for my origin post :confounded:
An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put 4 links in a post.

Can’t post the original text so here is a screenshot :facepalm:

Technically, a CNAME cannot have the same name as any other DNS record. This has a side-effect that you cannot have a CNAME at the root of a domain.

Cloudflare has a feature that allows a CNAME at the root. It’s possible the third party tool is trying to be very strict with regards to DNS standards.

If you add the TXT record manually it should be fine.

Thanks for the explanation @michael
Then shouldn’t the second line (that says the record is being removed) be something more alerting with a red color message?
To me it looks like a normal message and it’s nothing dangerous.
Would be a nice simple change on Cloudflare side and avoids some possible user frustrations.

They actually don’t need that second line at all. Just leave it alone. But that looks like a Google tool, not a Cloudflare one.

What @michael said is absolutely correct, but I am not entirely sure that this is the key issue here.

As Michael said, the naked domain cannot be a CNAME entry in the first place, so that means it wouldn’t need to be dropped either, because it couldn’t be set up to begin with.

The screenshot appears to be a Cloudflare one but it’s not clear if Google wants to drop the CNAME entry or Cloudflare. If it is the former, it’s not Cloudflare related. If the latter, it’s a Cloudflare issue.

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