TXT record not reflected till now

TXT record added 1 jun 24 10.00 AM but not reflected till now.

  1. What domain?

  2. What exact record(s), do you believe there is a problem with?
    And how does your Cloudflare Dashboard look, in regards to these specific record(s)?

  3. What makes you believe that there are any problems at all?
    How exactly did you test it, or otherwise end up on that conclusion?

we have check with MXrecord web site not showing till now

You mentioned a TXT record, … what exact TXT record do you have issues with?

The website seems to show up just fine from here?

It is pointing directly to a Go Daddy hosting account.

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how to check TXT record reflected or not?


is need to add in record?

If you’re running Linux (or Mac), you can run a tool like e.g. “dig” in a command prompt.

dig TXT _cf-custom-hostname.www.hindustanpencils.com

On Windows, you typically have “nslookup”, which you can run like:

nslookup -type=TXT _cf-custom-hostname.www.hindustanpencils.com

Those two exact commands will be following your operating system’s (and network’s) DNS resolver settings, and the resolver can eventually be caching the response for a while.

Alternatively, there is various online web panels for checking DNS, such as e.g. https://www.digwebinterface.com/ which uses the first “dig” command as mentioned, with arguments depending on your input.

In additional, that one can check multiple DNS resolvers at once, to see if they are all propagated.

dig TXT _cf-custom-hostname.www.hindustanpencils.com

The above link will for example check the mentioned TXT record, through all pre-programmed resolvers https://www.digwebinterface.com/ have on their site.

There is a TXT record on this label.

The content of it is currently “de43edaf-5ad0-4583-9312-535d1f5fa819”.

If you’re using e.g. “dig” or “`nslookup´” from your own machine, and you see anything different than the above site, it may be because the resolver your operating system (and network) is configured to use, is caching the response for a little while.

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