TXT record for dns-01 challenge doesn't appear!

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to create a wildcard certificate for test purposes and for some unknown reasons, the TXT record that I create appear on Cloudflare, but not on verification utilities (say MX Toolkit for example), so verification fails.

My domaine is mtl-lab.net, so I’m creating a TXT record like _acme-challenge with the content being what win-acme provided me. For some reasons, when I ented _acme-challenge.mtl-lab.net in Cloudflare, it removes the .mtl-lab.net part automatically…

But yeah, the TXT record never appears anywhere. Thinking there might be some delays, I waited the night and checked in the morning, but nope. Still nothing!

I even created a test TXT record and it appeared instantly on MX toolkit, so it’s not a delay issue. It seems like Cloudflare is blocking the _acme-challenge TXT record?

Thanks a lot for the help guys!

It’s showing up for me. It’s normal for the DNS page here to strip off the domain name for subdomains. Just like for your ‘www’ record. It’s still there…just hidden.

Ah! There you go!

I didn’t know you had to enter the _acme-challenge.mtl-lab.net part manually in the DNS checker!

Thank you so much sdayman!

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