TXT record for Azure Custom Domain Linkage

I’m struggling with my Azure / Cloudflare configuration, and have followed all the posts I can find on the subject to no avail.

Following the Azure instructions I’ve created TXT and CNAME records in Cloudflare.

Following Cloudflare instructions I’ve disabled proxy on that CNAME record.

What is strange is that MXToolBox is saying that they checked “that second” for the latest from Cloudflare Nameservers, but couldn’t find these changes, while doing the same from an NSLOOKUP the details are being propagated correctly.

Any ideas why Azure and MXToolBox can’t see these change to allow me to setup my custom domain?

Thank you for the quick response!

True, that became visible when I turned off proxy on that CNAME.

I wonder why the same isn’t true for the TXT Record…

The problem was with MS Azure Documentation. They didn’t display the full TXT record that they wanted, so it truncated.


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