TXT Record drop for email activation

My dev, who now seems dead / no longer available, set up the Nameservers for my site to point to Cloudflare; which I did not know about / he gave me no account info. I bought email services thru GoDaddy, where I got the domain, but I need to prove ownership and drop the following TXT record on your side / in DNS settings on Cloudflare: MS=ms13686488 PLEASE HELP! YOU HAVE NO PHONE NUMBER TO REACH A HUMAN! I had to create a new account to get this done… please get back to me ASAP on this, confirm it’s done so I can get up my email

I’m afraid Cloudflare will not be able to help you with this, as the account you are trying to access is not yours.

If you can no longer contact the person who manages your Cloudflare settings, you need to move your DNS over to a different account.

That can either be a new Cloudflare account or GoDaddy’s nameservers, but you need to know about all the required records before you do this, or your website will become unavailable.


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