TXT error: Total record size limit exceeded. Code: 83011

So I have a domain with .tk, I was trying to issue an certificate using acme.sh
acme.sh asked me to create a TXT record on this domain.
So I create a value "_acme-challenge.
.tk" with content “TgE1v8i7kKtdUQJWCYjOonhfFFbyGfsoOcc6qYr7GmI”.
Cloudflare keeps saying error 83011.

I know there is another user who has the same problem, but there is no solution on that post. Can someone help please?

sorry, it should be .tk, not sure why it blocked the ""

Should be fine - could you take a similar screenshot of when you’re adding it?

Other domains are okay, it is just this one.
For example, I have another .cf domain, that one works fine with this specific TXT record.
But the .tk one just doesn’t work.

I ended up setting the nameservers back to freenom and set the TXT record through freenom instead, it worked.

Thank you!

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