Please help! I am brand new at understanding email. I am working with Kajabi that requires me to buy my email & domain (which I did from godaddy) then link it to cloudflare so I can set up email sequencing and building my page in kajabi. I am BEYOND confused and I spoke to godaddy and have my TXT, CNAME, MX, SRV records and dont understand where they go? please help, feeling frustrated and discouraged and wishing I could speak to someone directly. Thanks so much!



There’s no phone support, but the Community is open 24 hours. For starters, there’s a DNS HowTo. To sum up, you should have a list of what each TXT, CNAME, etc. entry should look like. Each one should have a hostname for your domain, and a value that goes with it.

For starters, your GoDaddy account should have most of this information already filled in on a DNS Settings page. Cloudflare usually scans this when you set up your account here.

The next step would be to customize the main entries for your Kajabi site. Kajabi should have instructions for what those should look like. They’re usually CNAME records for example.com (your domain) and www (for your domain).

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