TXT and SPF DKIM records for email platform

Hello community, I’d really love some help please.

My domain is www.livetruetoyou.com

I’ve been trying to add TXT records and and SPF record that is required by an email platform I want to use to send out my newsletters (not the email platform that I use for everyday email provider). They have asked me to end these details:

DKIM / DomainKey record as TXT

NAME: _domainkey.yourdomain.com.
VALUE: t=y; o=~

NAME: genel._domainkey.yourdomain.com.
VALUE: k=rsa;p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCxCCbJgPvj3rM9QCFkKermZI4qe73PK4nIuG6UoF4S6aC/66F7v4Mn+80mLaPa34Zt3W17xxh50rlOghA/T8FidjiVSN46HrRMLjQYvIJ4ojAeMFutH+1uiEUz2Hk85D4JxJPNppvwlMSV//PG5FXFRVvGF3b67rgrseMbPTrCiwIDAQAB

VALUE: include:spf.useinbox.net

Here is their help doc: How to do DNS definitions - INBOX - Email Marketing Automation

I’ve tried extensively to make this work. I’ve sent them the help doc from Cloudflare that says TXT records must start with a letter and end with a letter or number. I’ve sent them the help doc and screen shots of the DKIM wizard and asked them for what I need to put in there.

They’ve given up. This has to be possible. I’m asking one last time for help.

This is are the records that won’t work.
incorrect TXT & SPF recs CF-Inbox

If anyone could tell me how to make them work I’d really appreciate it. The community doc that I’ve been able to find is this one but it’s for CNAME records - CNAME for AWS SES DKIM Records not resolving I did wonder if I could make these into CNAME records, but then would Inbox pick them up?

I also don’t know if the problem is because the website is proxied to pagecloud. I bought it through netregistry but now the nameservers are pointing to cloudflare.

Anyway, clearly I’m out of knowledge zone and would love some help.


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