TXT and MX records not working

I added MX and TXT records to my domain, but they don’t seem to be propagating (have been more than 2 days).
A record works fine (pointing to Cloudflare Pages)
is there a way to troubleshoot this with Cloudflare?

domain is fluidplaybook.com

Can you show a screenshot of the DNS records?

for sure, hope it helps, thanks!

the nameservers (I have this set at godaddy where the domain is registered, the CNAME works just fine)

All are working ok. You can’t look them up under the domain, you have to look up including the subdomain(s).

You are using a subdomain for mail, so your MX and SPF records are for email to/from @send.fluidplaybook.com, they won’t work for mail to @fluidplaybook.com.

Your DMARC and DKIM records are for email from @fluidplaybook.com.

I think you need to check that’s actually what you want as I don’t think it is.

dig +short send.fluidplaybook.com txt
"v=spf1 include:amazonses.com ~all"

dig +short send.fluidplaybook.com mx
10 feedback-smtp.us-east-1.amazonses.com.

dig +short resend._domainkey.fluidplaybook.com txt

dig +short _dmarc.fluidplaybook.com txt
"v=DMARC1; p=none;"
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they are! sorry for the brainfart, thanks for the quick reply!

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