TXT and CNAME Records of AWS AES are not getting verified


I have added TXT and CNAME record on the panel but don’t know why those are not getting verified even after 24hrs. On GoDaddy and Net4 it took 30min for the authentication.

Can someone help me in the same.

Make sure your CNAME record is not proxied.

Plus, what are the records in question?

Yes, it is showing Proxied…I want to verify my AWS AES account
I am sharing images of TXT and CNAME records

Precisely, unproxy these CNAME records and make sure all your records only have their names and not your domain attached. Edit them wherever necessary.

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Thanks. I have changed Proxied to DNS only for CNAME and are you suggesting to remove domain name for the TXT record ???
For eg :- Name -amazonses , Content - tZ6WgOjcB4a/DHhOBLzm0XKphTjSDbmku9lAqXJ821U=

That should do the trick.

Hope So…Thanks for the suggestion… :slight_smile:

Hi, Still it’s not happening… :frowning: :expressionless:

Those TXT records don’t look right. They have your domain name on the end. As @sandro said, the records should only have their names and no periods with additional text. The CNAMEs might have the same problem.

I am new to cloudflare so have no idea but after @sandro suggestion made below changes. Deleted domain name from all the entries…

Can you post the actual records?

Both of those verify through:

You can verify the others similarly.

The two TXT records do resolve.


Not a screenshot, the actual text content.

Since that’s too much for us to manually type in, I suggest you copy/paste into dnschecker.org to verify the CNAMEs.

|Record Type:|TXT (Text)|
|TXT Name*:|_amazonses.sevenriverschool.in|
|TXT Value:|tZ6WgOjcB4a/DHhOBLzm0XKphTjSDbmku9lAqXJ821U=

Name Type Value

mt5uwe4jtgixzwf5txrsh3zhtaymqc2m._domainkey.sevenriverschool.in CNAME mt5uwe4jtgixzwf5txrsh3zhtaymqc2m.dkim.amazonses.com
6jbay3azgd5hv3jkifly2s3kprmsulrx._domainkey.sevenriverschool.in CNAME 6jbay3azgd5hv3jkifly2s3kprmsulrx.dkim.amazonses.com
uyarncy277aki2gb65cypthvdhipzqfp._domainkey.sevenriverschool.in CNAME uyarncy277aki2gb65cypthvdhipzqfp.dkim.amazonses.com

That record is there too

nslookup -type=cname 6jbay3azgd5hv3jkifly2s3kprmsulrx._domainkey.sevenriversschool.in
Server:  one.one.one.one

Non-authoritative answer:
6jbay3azgd5hv3jkifly2s3kprmsulrx._domainkey.sevenriversschool.in        canonical name = 6jbay3azgd5hv3jkifly2s3kprmsulrx.dkim.amazonses.com

You still haven’t removed the domain name though and you should also check your spelling. Apparently you misspelled your domain somewhere.

More then CNAME I am worried about TXT records as it is not allowing me to authorize ownership of the domain. CNAME records are for DKIM

It is showing TXT records are verified, but not CNAME. Same time AWS panel is showing TXT as not verified.