TXT and CNAME Records Not Propagating - 24 hours

Hello all - I need your assistance. I’m trying to do domain verification for webflow. I’ve added two A records, a CNAME record, and a TXT record. Only the A records had propagated as of this evening (the records were all added last night).

Thinking this may have been related to the recent DNS delay that was resolved I deleted the records and re-added them. The A records are still the only ones that are appearing.

I’m using DNSchecker.org to check for propagation. The website domain is freshgroundscoffeeco.com.

Is there anything I should do to verify that these are going to propagate?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Cloudflare DNS Updates happen within a few seconds, you may not see the updates for a bit due to local DNS Cache/Resolver cache though.

Can you show a screenshot of the Cloudflare Dashboard DNS Record (blurring anything sensitive) and of the records WebFlow is asking you to make? Usually issues with DNS Records happen due to confusion about what name they should have, type, or proxy status. Specifically, some providers want the CNAME to be unproxied/DNS-only :grey:, which also allows you to resolve the CNAME directly instead of seeing Cloudflare Proxy IPs (at the expense of Cloudflare protection/features)

I see these TXT Records on your apex:
freshgroundscoffeeco.com. 3600 IN TXT “MS=ms93537389”
freshgroundscoffeeco.com. 3600 IN TXT “v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all”

I also see a CNAME on www

www.freshgroundscoffeeco.com. 300 IN CNAME proxy-ssl.webflow.com.

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Thanks for your help! It looks like the CNAME has propagated. Thank you for confirming. I’m still trying to get a TXT verification code to propagate:

Here’s what things currently look like. For some reason the TXT code isn’t propagating.

Assuming you’re talking about the _webflow one, I can see it fine: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool.

_webflow.freshgroundscoffeeco.com. 60 IN TXT “one-time-verification=29c0b21f-1670-46aa-af88-926684870862”

What makes you think it’s not?

Thanks for confirming. I am trying to verify it by clicking ‘Verify domain’ in Webflow, but it says the TXT record doesn’t exist.

Looks like you misspelled the domain on Webflow’s end there:

Missed the n in grounds, explains why it’s not seeing anything


So embarrassing, but happens to the best of us I suppose. Great eye for catching that! Wouldn’t you know spelling it correctly solved this issue near instantaneously. Thanks for all your help!


No worries, happy to help! At least it was an easy fix!

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