Two WordPress in one domain


I have one domain with one subdomain : /

I have two different WordPress installation with two différent wp rockets configuration.

How can i configure CloudFlare. Do i need two CloudFlare account ? Do i need to put the same key on wp rocket cloudflare’s add on ?

How can i do to do it right ?

Nothing to configure on Cloudflare. Make sure your webserver is working properly and you have a valid certificate on your server and it will work out of the box.

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And do i have to put the key also into CloudFlare add-on for wp rocket for thé subdomain ?

Which key? Are you referring the API key? You dont need to configure that, but if you want, either should probably work.

Yes API key for wp rocket do i have to put it on my two WordPress, Domain and subdomain ?

That’s what i did but i want to be sure that’s the good way.


I am not overly familiar with Wordpress. Generally you dont need to add the API key at all, that is pretty optional. I believe it only is required if you want to manage your Cloudflare account from our Wordpress control panel.

If you have two WordPress installations under the same domain (, regardless of whether the second is installed on a subdirectory or subdomain, you may add the API key to both installations of WP Rocket for your convenience, as you will then be able to ask the plugin to perform whatever CF tricks it is capable of from the back end of either one.

However, AFAIK if the plugin performs a “Purge All” operation, it will purge the CF cache from both of them, no matter which installation asked for it. You may want to check the plugin documentation to see whether it can do a partial purge based on the subdomain or subdirectory it is installed on.

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