Two usernames

within my account there are 2 usernames. the username in which my domain is controlled or under is an email address I’m unfamiliar with, which I have no idea who this is and they aren’t responding to emails. I’m concerned they have access to this account and could cause future problems. Does it matter? Can they make changes? Can they prevent my access? Should I just leave it alone?

If you toggle between the member tab of the two listings, it seems you’re part of an organization of another user. Do you recall being invited to that other organization? If not, navigate to the members page of the account you do not recognize, select your name and then select Leave. Before you do that, you may want to ensure your site is in your account and not in the multi user account. You can also contact that other user to determine the relationship.


Thank you Cloonan,
That other user is a super administrator and I am just an administrator. I’d like to leave, if it benefits me, which I’m not sure what that benefit might be. But first, how to I move/ensure my site is in my account and not in the multi-user account?

Further, I’m not being invoiced as far as I know, and I don’t know if the super administrator is part of an entity that is covering any costs for Cloudfare. The super administrator is not responding to any comms.

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