Two subdomains. one is not accessible

I have two subdomains: stephentalla and books. Only the “books” are being accessed well. Both has an “A” record pointing to the bluehost IP. Please help. Cloudflare is the DNS registrant since 4 days ago.

I have been using cloudflare cache for nearly two years. When I decided to transfer my domain, this happened.

Please help.

What’s the domain name?

stephentalla redirects to https and then returns a server error. Was it working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

It has no problem until i transferred the domain. Bluehost guys showed me that the subdomain website is working well.

Ok, then click on the :orange: in the stephentalla DNS record to toggle it to :grey:, then wait five minutes and test again.

I’m quite sure that stephentalla did not work with HTTPS before you moved it to Cloudflare.

That’s not true. It doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate.

Thanks. I will call them.

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They installed the SSL certificate. It is working already. Thank you.

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