Two sites linked with Cloudflare?

I discovered, today, that “two copies” of my online store exist on my host server with different URL. When I contacted tech support they said they could see both being linked to Cloudflare, but I don’t understand how that can be as I have only one account for that store listed here.

The “good” store is
However, there is a duplicate that is as if I had added a subdomain, and I never did that (I have had my store for 10+ years now).

So, as I plan on deleting the, how can I see how Cloudflare is associated with it, if I don’t see it in the list of domains on my account?

Thank you

According to DNS, there’s a record for the ‘store’ subdomain. It should show up in your DNS page, along with the Cloudflare name servers Ed and Jill below your DNS records list.

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The only mention I have of the “store” is here:

But shouldn’t that match the instead of

No. In the Name column, if it’s not your actual domain name, then it’s a subdomain.

So if that’s not what you intended, click Edit and then delete it.

So i would put instead of where there is just “store”?

No need. /store already falls under the existing DNS record for your domain.

OK. thanks.


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