Two services, same IP

Good morning to all.
I have one email server with the public IP ex. In this server I have the web access and SMTP services. I have an A record that point to server IP but the cloudflare do not separate the two services.
How can I do this? To separate the web access with proxy (proxied) and the smtp without proxy (dns only) for the same IP. Is this possible?

Hi @mdefalco,

Most people just create a second hostname that is :grey: and use that to connect for SMTP etc. Usually or

Hi domjh, thanks for your reply. I have this config problem:

A mail DNSonly

MX DNSonly

my IP is for web access and smtp services both. How can I split/separate the two services correctly (with no IP conflict)? I have only one IP Can you explain me please.

I’m not sure what you mean about an IP conflict. Web services can go through the proxied hostname, but any non-HTTP traffic should go direct to the server on the unproxied one. What issue are you having with that?

Hi domjh, I have changed the config like this: “mail” is for web access proxied; smtp is for mail services DNSonly

A mail proxied
A smtp DNSonly ALERT

On the second A record smtp I have an alert: “this record expose the IP behind witch you have proxied through Cloudflare. To fix this change it’s proxy status”.

But I want the mail web services behind the proxy. Can I solve the alert or I can’t.

No, you can’t remove that if you host your web and email services on the same server.

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