Two servers with one domain and SSL

Hello there, I have some trouble with configuring my 2nd server’s SSL
I have two servers with different ip addresses and single domain.
I’m tried to use already created Origin cert but had: SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR,
then tried to create another origin cert and had: SSL Handshake Error (HTTP 525)
P.S: DNS Records on CF is configured. Records do not conflict with each other.
Please, help me… ← First server, working correctly. ← Second server, SSL Handshake error (over HTTPS)

I’d suspect a server configuration error, like the service wasn’t reloaded, or a config file error.

I generally create a new origin cert with the default values: and *
That’s what I expect your first one was and should work for both subdomains.

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So… idk what was happened, but apache2 (on 2nd server) cannot read any config in sites-available dir… (he just ignoring them)… i just removed apache and installed then configured nginx and now it works perfectly. Thanks for help!

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