Two separate CloudFlare accounts listing the same domain - Advice appreciated

Hi there,

One of my clients recently stopped working with his digital agency and is now working with us - his new digital agency. His domain was previously added to this old agency’s Cloudflare account, but since then we’ve set him up on his own Cloudflare account. I’m sure his domain is still listed on the old agency’s account, but does that matter?

We have changed the nameservers on his domain to point to his Cloudflare as per the Cloudflare account suggests. Just curious what happens if one domain is listed on two Cloudflare accounts, and if we need to ask the old agency to remove his domain from their Cloudflare account?

Thanks in advance!

Once the nameserver check is complete it will officially move to the new account and be deleted from the old account.

Wonderful, thanks so much for confirming this! :grinning:

Thanks Ryan. For clarification, it is possible to add a domain which has been already added earlier and is active in another account?

It can’t be active in two places. Someone can try to “add” a zone that is active on another account, but it’s not really “added” until the name servers are changed.

That much I assumed :slight_smile:

Thats what was not clear to me. I thought once added it cant be added again (regardless of the precise definition of “add” in this context).

Thanks for the clarification though.

Someone can try to add it. And they can start the process. But it won’t complete unless they can change the name servers at the domain’s registrar.

Sure, I wasnt aware that someone could add - well, try to add :slight_smile: - it if that domain is already with Cloudflare. That was the missing bit.