Two questions about my setup


Hi All,

I can’t seem to create a new thread yet - so I’ll try to ask my question here in a reply.

Signed my website up to a business plan last week and so far almost everything is working like a charm!

I’ve got 2 questions though.

  1. I’m trying to forward 2 subdomains - and I try to do this through a Page Rule. I’ve set the following last week - but it still doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve created a Forwarding page rule:
Forwarding URL 302 -

Now when I try going to - it gives me a ‘site can’t be reached error’’s server DNS address could not be found.

Any ideas?

Then question 2 - I’ve excluded my admin pages and customer portfolio pages with ‘Bypass Cache’ - and then set another rule to Cache everything (which comes below the bypass cache rules). But still only half of my traffic gets the cached content served. - Any idea how to get this closer to 100% of my traffic? - my website is



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Regarding the #1, this thread will help you -probably the same problem: Page Rules - Not Working
tldr; you have to proxy through Cloudflare subdomain aswell.

For the #2, check headers. Are they OK? If they are OK and resources are cacheable, CF may flush the cache on their own if they have to.
Someone from PC may help you, i am on mobile in transit.


Edit: The Redirect is working now! Thanks Cybermania! - Still struggling with the full caching though.

Hi Cybermania,

Thanks for your quick reply!

  1. I’ve added ‘mapping’ to the cloudflare DNS - but I can’t add the IP address of the mapping tool (which is on a different IP) - it tells me invalid Ipv4 address. I then tried adding the IP of and that works. I’ll wait to see if this starts working in a few hours - but might also have it completely wrong hehe.

As for 2 - how to check if the headers are ok? you mean the code in the section?



Here you can see how many uncached requests still come through - it’s a lot right?


I’ve checked your main page and it seems like most of static elements are already in cache but when I scroll down there are many uncached static elements. It feels as if these elements doesn’t get as much “views” as the rest.
As of “uncached requests” I see a lot of funny GETs which I believe doesn’t get in cache.