Two logins, one deleted, lost domain & messed up my account

A year or so ago, I successfully transferred a google domain to Cloudflare. Everything I did was set up as Email Address A, the one associated with my login here. While testing how Cloudflare’s accounts & login features worked, I set up a second login using Email Address B with admin rights. Everything was good.

About a month ago, I needed to make a CNAME update to my domain. After successfully doing that, I realized I still had that second email login B set up as an admin. Since I don’t use it, I deleted it. But as soon as I did that, my main email A login lost access to my domain and billing. If I try to delete Email Address A’s account, I get the error: “You still have domains at Cloudflare Registrar! Please transfer out your domains before deleting your Cloudflare account. (Code: 1049)”

Cloudflare is acting like login B was the “super admin”, which is now gone. It was not the super-admin, login A was. But even B was the super-admin, I don’t understand why Cloudflare’s system would allow a super-admin tied to a domain to be deleted while leaving a subordinate account without rights.

I’m stuck because my domain does not appear anywhere in my login A account now. Login B is gone. I can’t transfer the domain anywhere because it’s not listed. And I can’t close the account because cloudflare thinks a domain is still registered. I don’t really care about the lost domain because I only used it for personal projects. I can just buy another one.

I sent in tickets #3266865 and #3266865 a few weeks ago go describing my problem and asking for help. Some back-and-forth with support; I provided detailed screenshots of billing and invoices but the ticket was closed with no resolution.

Since email login A no longer has access to the domain, billing or the capability of buying another domain, it’s useless to me. I’d like to delete it. I’ve submitted a new ticket #3291104 to request this.

Any help would be appreciated!

I only see :point_up: that one ticket

I show it as on hold by the agent and will flag for my colleagues in Support that was assisting you.

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Thank you for replying. I appreciate the confirmation that 3266865 is still alive somewhere. That was the “main” ticket from the beginning. It’s been two weeks since I last heard anything. It does not show up in my account under “My Requests”, so I have no way of seeing the status.

Looking forward to getting this resolved.

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