Two Issues - Wix Funkiness And Huge Increase in SPAM/SPOOFING

Hey Everyone…

I need some assistance in fixing our DNS records. We recently have had a major increase in SPAM and some SPOOFING emails and I’ve been asked by Microsoft 365 to check our DNS records/SPF but not sure what to check/fix. They sent a bunch of documentation but I’ve honestly haven’t had the time focus on them and learn.

Also, WIX, our website provider said they never have fully Supported Cloudflare and that our nameserver info is wrong and it has caused the “menu” on our website not to work correctly with Chrome and Safari (in most cases).

I am the IT Director but still SOLO IT person for our company, so this is one of those “Jack of All Trades” moments that I am trying to figure out.

Our website/domain pinnaclestructures .com

Any hints and advice would be awesome!


For your email authentication testing, dmarcian has some excellent free tools. They also have a community forum where helping you evaluate and troubleshoot SPF, DKIM and DMARC is not only on topic, but is the primary focus.

Using Cloudflare with Wix is known to not work.

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Thank you…I will check those out. E-Mail has been brutal the past month.

Question…I’ve used Wix/Cloudflare for 4 years and just now ran into a problem…was this something recent or may just finally decided not to work?

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