Two https before website name, why?

Dear All

i have trouble with setting correct dns. for my site.
site opens only when i type but when i type (without www)
it returns https://https// - two https before.

could you help to overcome the issue?

p.s the hosting is at zohosite.

thank you

Although you’ve set your nameservers to Cloudflare at your registrar, they aren’t being reflected in the .nl root yet so your site isn’t active on Cloudflare at the moment and requests are going direct to Zoho, so any issue will be there.

If you have only just set the nameservers it may be your registrar hasn’t enacted the change yet so you might need to wait.

I’m not seeing your problem at my end.

hi, see the result now, i used your tool :: Cloudflare Things

You can see the redirect issue here…

Do you have any redirects in Cloudflare Page Rules or Redirect Rules here? (scroll down to check under Bulk Redirects as well).

If so, check those. If unsure what the problem is, post a screenshot of the redirect or page rule itself.

in bulk redirection list i fount that weird redirection rul… like type with two https. Thanks you… im checking how ti works. now

there is spme improvment but still some wierd problms.could you please help?
herby a link for test :: Cloudflare Things
and screen shot of dns records in cloudflare