Two-Factor Authentication Token for DDNS

I have a Cloudflare account that has 5 accounts connected to it and I turned on Two-Factor Authentication with it using the Authy app on my phone. I did not have a problem until I lost the phone while traveling from Europe to the United States.

Without my phone, I do not have access to the Authy app which means I cannot be authenticated by Cloudflare to sign into my account. This means I cannot sign into that account even to ask for help from Support or even to the Cloudflare community.

Submitting a request with Cloudflare for access bypassing the Two-Factor Authentication, they send you an email requesting you add /.well-known/cf-2fa-verify.txt files with specific codes in them for each of the domains. Unfortunately, I have 2 of the 5 domains as DDNS, so I cannot add those files to those domains. And without having all 5 domains, Cloudflare seems to not have the ability to verify who I am. The email states that once you have added the tokens, you login and join the Cloudflare Community. And this cannot be done as the Cloudflare account cannot be accessed due to still being Two-Factor Authentication protected.

The token email also states to reply to the email to get support from a Cloudflare technician, but I get the email response of:

“Your email to group [email protected] was rejected due to spam classification. The owner of the group can choose to enable message moderation instead of bouncing these emails.”

So, I signed into this domain’s account (another personal domain account), so I can see if anyone out there might have a fix for my issue.

Cloudflare Support #2529039

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Hi @webmin2 I have flagged your post for my colleagues to review, will also reopen and add myself to your new ticket 2552582, you will have received a copy of that, please add whatever details you like. If it gets closed, lmk and I will reopen.

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I have replied on the ticket, so we can work on this issue with email spam classification and your 2FA issue.