Two-Factor Authentication recovery not working

I changed phone on wich I had auth app for the cloudflare Two-Factor Authentication.
This app now seems reset and I cannot login on Claoudlfare.

I asked 10 days ago for the recovery code but never received…I NEED IT SOON cause I have to buy some domains and other few services.

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When you enabled 2FA you would have been given a list of recovery codes. You should first try to use one of those to access your account.

If you do not have backup codes then login with your username and password. When you reach the screen to input your 2FA code, click ‘Can’t access your 2FA device or backup codes’.

This will then walk you through the process to recover access to your account. You will need to verify your email and verify a device you have used previously to login. It will then take 3-5 days for Cloudflare to review your request.

If you have a ticket number from a prior recovery attempt, you can share it here, and we can request escalation.

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