Two domains to same email

Hi, I don’t know if this even makes sense, but is it possible for me to have and both point to my business gmail? Right now the CloudFlare page for says that it needs MX records so I can transfer my .ca domain which is registered on But I don’t have a gmail for, only for Can I just copy the MX records from my DNS to DNS?

Of course you can point two domains to the same mail server. It’s the mail server, however, which needs to be configured to accept emails for addresses on both domains.

I believe Google offers some alias feature, but that’s a question that you best clarify with Google directly, as Cloudflare won’t be involved here and it neither is Cloudflare related.

As for the MX record, that certainly can be pointed to wherever you want.

Right on.

  • in cloudflare I exported the mx records from .com, edited for .ca, imported into the .ca DNS
  • in google workspace I went to Domains, add domain, User alias domain, completed verification process
  • I sent myself an email to from another account and after a minute, boom it was there, woohoo!

Thanks so much!

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