Two domains the same website


I have a free website with 2 domains that point to the same website. I would like to upgrate to “Pro” but the price is 20/mo per website and in my case case I will have to pay 2x20 because at Cloudflare I have 2 websites (domains) despite to the fact that in reality it’s the same website.

In my situacion I have: - serves national content for Spain, not depending of the region - selects and serves content for one region of Spain

bu it’s the same website.

Is there a way to use 2 domains for the same website without creating 2 websites, 1 for each domain?

Currently that is not possible, however you might have someone to team up with :slight_smile:


Lol if your Account would not have been created in 2017 I would devinitely assume this is my fake-account to again bring up this topic xD

I do have the same need/issue. I think CloudFlare does not offer anything like this, even if it would be very easy, as you can easily check if both domains are really pointing to the same site (even if in a different language).

But they dont do this as far as I know.
Thats the reason why I still use Free-Plan, but its for me just not worth it to may 3 times 20€/month for something I just think is cool.

This way they actually dont even get the 20€/month from me… sad but thats the truth. Would definitely spend the 20€/month on them as I like CloudFlare.

Feel free to vote for the FeatureRequest (@sandro already linked it)

Also: with this Feature, new cool features could be applied.
Like on the .de domain preffering delivering from germany. on .com (gTLD) globaly. on .ch from switzerland and on .it from italy. Maybe with a higher package these setting could even manually be set.

But this would be a whole other Feature Request and no Feature-Request in this Forum will make it :wink:

Fake account? I have been using this service for several years and never have had various accounts @Cloudflare. When I started to use their services I wanted to see if there would be any problems. I’m facing minor issues, but overall everything is working fine.

20 USD is not a large amount and I would be happy to pay it but in my situation I have to pay 2x20 USD for the same website.

And it’s not only about the money. I can not view analytics, can not delete cache, etc with just one click, I have to do it twice - for both domains.

And yes, it’s strange - it’s possible to have several different websites by using subdomains but it’s not possible to point 2 domains to the same website without adding domains as for 2 different websites.

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