Two domains registered in Cloudflare are stuck with "Pending Nameserver Update"

I have two domains that I’ve registered through cloudflare that are currently stuck in a “Pending Nameserver Update” state for about 24h now and I am unsure how to resolve this problem.

  • jobbiecannon . com
  • tsoauth2server . com

The problem started when I was tweaking my terraform configurations, I removed the zones for and (so they were “deleted/removed” in cloudflare), and then I immediately recreated the two zones in cloudflare, and was met with the “Pending Nameserver Update” error.

On the Domain Registration > Manage Domain page, I am unable to “Manage” either of the pending domains. When clicking “Manage” it just refreshes the page and I land back right on the list page where all the domains are.

  • I had a second image here that I wasnt allowed to post :upside_down_face:

On the domain overview page, it is just giving me instructions on how to set the nameservers in whichever domain registrar I used. Well… I used Cloudflare…

Any help would be appreciated. I care more about getting the tsoauth2server . com online asap because it hosts my open source oauth server documentation. Thank you.

The second image

Hi @jason22 sorry for the issues. When you remove & readd a cloudflare Registrar domain, different nameservers are assigned. We’ll need to get the Support team involved to reset these for your. Sorry for the problems.

Can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,


Hello @cloonan Thank you for your quick reply. I’ve gone ahead and created an account ticket #3246137

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I just wanted to let you know here also, I updated the ticket. Our Registrar Team will be getting these changed for you, and then we’ll update you in the ticket again.

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