Two Domains pointing to same website

Is it possible to make four DNS entries (2X2) for two domains pointing to the same website?

Can you rephrase that question? Also, provide some examples if possible.

I have twoDomains. One Domain points to the other domain. So i reach always the same website with both domain names.

Now i want use Cloudflare.
If i have one domain, then y have do give two DNS for this domain.

What happens with the second domain? Do i have to give an other pair of DNS for this domain?

You want to use Cloudflare for both domains? Also proxying? In that case you need to add them both and make sure their DNS records are :orange:, then you can add a page rule which forwards domain A to B.

What is to recommand for performance? Only one or both for proxyng?

Performance is not much of an issue in case of the redirect.

The main question is do you want all your sites proxied or not. If you dont care you could enable it for both and simply set up the page rule.

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