Two Domains one site

I currently have two domains. a .com and a .org. I wish to configure things so that if you go to or you get the same page and the address in the address bar does not change. I have recently moved providers and got the .org as a freebie with the hosting plan. I used it a a base for duplicating my .com site and testing everything. Now, I want to totally switch over. I’m something of a newb and am not sure how to do this or where to get the proper information on how to do this.

Not sure this is something that Cloudflare supports at the moment…

I take it this is what you want?

I believe it is domain aliasing that I am wanting. See Here

Yes, that would be a feature that is offered by some web hosts. You would need to contact yours to see if they support it. I don’t think it is a Cloudflare feature at the moment.

My host Godaddy. does support it. I am just wondering what I need to do on the Cloudflare end. Do I set it up as a single domain do I set it up as 2 separate domains. Do I have a separate SSL for each domain?

You should add the second domain to Cloudflare and set it up in exactly the same way as you did the first, point it to GoDaddy and they should do the rest. Another certificate should be issued to the second domain by Cloudflare.

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