Two domains, but one of them returns error 525 - SSL handshake failed

I have two sub domains in cloudflare:

  • points to
  • points to

They both point to the same IP, but justwork.sw… returns error 525 - SSL handshake failed (

I can’t figure out why, I checked everything nothing worked, I would appreciate some help.


You dont have a proper SSL setup on your server. Your port 443 does not serve HTTPS but HTTP. Reconfigure that and make sure you have a valid certificate and you should be good to go.

Any links to set it up properly, I’ve tried couple of ways it didn’t work.

Also why does it work for it’s the exact same server as they both point to the same server, can you explain?

That really depends on your server and would be beyond the scope of the forum here. I would suggest you check out StackExchange for that.

Bottom line, you need a valid SSL certificate on your server.

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