Two domains at the same server problem

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I have a website with two domains (www. qenti . com and www . qenti . com . ar) both domains are configured to use google apx email.

I configured with cloudflare and everything is perfect, I edited the dns servers to cloudflares and all works ok, even my google mails with

The problem is that the other domain ( pointed its dns to and when suddenly the web redirection to and the mails stopped working.

I now changed the dns to the Cloudflares dns and added it as a new domain, but I dont know if that will fix the email issue, Its ok what I did?


Which link is not working? its not working…

You need to unproxy your two nameserver records on Cloudflare. Currently the two nameservers of your .ar domain point straight to the Cloudflare proxies and these won’t like UDP requests on port 53 :slight_smile:.

Make sure the two records in question are :grey: and your .ar domain should resolve again.

Thanks Sandro! it worked!!! :grinning: :call_me_hand:

If you can use the same IP scope for both domains the only issue is setting up DNS forwarding. … All servers point to the DNS Server on their *domain, Some people prefer to have both domains DNS server forward to the other server and direct

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