Two Different Name Servers Hosts?

HI guys,

I’ve read some of the comments about multiple name servers setup, however, none of them really reflected my situation so I’ll just post about it here.

Here is my question. I have a Dynamic IP with a web host behind it running my sites. I’m currently using managed DNS to update my DNS records dynamically and automatically when my IP changes. This service has been working great, and is very cheap. Instead of paying $20/month to my ISP for a static. I’m paying $30/year for this managed DNS service. I’m really not looking to move from the service.

However, I’m looking to implement a CDN, which lead me here to the free CDN of Cloudflare. I’d like to test it before purchasing anything so it will be on the free version for now.

Reading the instructions, it wanted me to change two of my name servers to Cloudflare and delete my Name Server from the 3rd and 4th Name Server entries.

My question is, could I simply leave those last two Name Servers in so my site IP still dynamically updates via and also use Cloudflare for my primary Name Servers?

Thanks in advanced.

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If I understand correctly you need a domain on no-ip DNS so they can change A records on domain to your home IP address, correct? Then you cannot do what you are saying. I believe the proper way to do this would be getting other (some cheap) domain and let it stay on no-ip so they can update some A records - let’s day points to your dynamic IP address which changes. Now that you have this up and running you can migrate your main domain to CF and point all needed records to that “” as CNAME.

Sort of. I actually have a cheap domain I bought with and have it’s NS forwarded to Name Servers. Which an app on the web host runs every 10 minutes and automatically updates the A host record to match my home current IP.

What I’m doing now is testing this. Releases · birkett/CloudFlare-DDNS-Updater · GitHub I’m using a spare domain I have to test with. I just finished moving it over to Cloudfare, then installed the above tool on my web host and configured it. It appears to do the same thing as the tool does. But because I made so many DNS changes in such a short time. I need to wait for a few hours for it to propagate before I can verify it is working properly.

If it works then great. I might be able to get away with using this. My only concern is the dev stopped working on it in 2015 and never got around to adding IPV6 support to the tool, which may become an issue in the near future…

Alternatively I’m also trying out the IIS Module for the DNS client. However, there is no documentation on what to put in the ini file to get it to sync to the Cloudflare. Any ideas?