Two CloudFlare Accounts = Broken 2FA "Remember Me"?

We have two CloudFlare accounts. One for websites that utilize CloudFlare, and one for domain registrations.

With have 2-factor authentication on our accounts and the Remember Me checkbox doesn’t work perfectly. I’m always having to go fetch my phone to get a TOTP. Now, before anyone asks - I use Google Chrome for one account, and Chromium for another account. This keeps the cookies and all that fun stuff isolated. Because yeah, if I was only using one browser I could see how the Remember Me thing would constantly get broken. But that isn’t the case.

Wondering if anyone who has just one CloudFlare account finds themselves having to get out there phone for a TOTP multiple times per week. If so, then us having two accounts isn’t the problem.

Either way, there is room for improvement here. Don’t bug me for TOTP unless the browser is unrecognized.

Hi @richboos,

Can you confirm that your sessions are being auto timed out? If you are manually logging out then it’s by design, Cloudflare clear the remember cookies for password and 2FA if you manually log out, AFAIK.

I can confirm that we are being auto timed out. It has probably been almost 2 years since the last time I intentionally logged out of my session.

I’m having the same problem, i only have one account and one browser, but each time it ask me for 2FA code
It’s really annoying and i which i can disable 2FA all together because of this inconvenience
A lot of other website don’t have this problem, it’s fine to ask for password each time, but why 2FA on the same computer/browser each time?

Yep. I submit a support request a few days ago but haven’t heard anything. We don’t pay much for CloudFlare so I’m tempering my expectations. If we were on the quite expensive plans, I’d be more annoyed by the silence.

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