Two AAAA records per value with different codes

I have one domain I am working with, and there are two records for each AAAA value in DNS. How do I know which one to delete? There is a set of one code, and a set of another. [ftp, mail, webmail, (domain), and www]. Are there supposed to be two of everything of that type?

Are you referring to what you see in your Cloudflare DNS dashboard, or what you see when you look up a DNS entry using tools like dig or nslookup?

Any hostname which is :orange: on your DNS dashboard will have two or three A records, and another 2/3 AAAA records when using lookup tools. This is normal.

The entries in your DNS for ftp and mail should be :grey: in the dashboard, as those protocols are not generally supported by Cloudflare.

I have orange clouds on all.

yes it’s the dashboard.

Anything which is not used for HTTP/HTTPS traffic needs to be :grey: DNS Only.

Nobody here will know what IP addresses you use on your origin server. There is no problem with having multiple records for each dns name. Are you experiencing an issue, or are you just curious as to why there are multiple entries?

Multiple entries with different IPv6 codes is curious to me because if I was a computer I wouldn’t know which one to point to/use.

It’s possible your host has multiple IP addresses for your server. If nothing is broken, I’d leave it alone. If you’re still curious about them, check with your host. Send them the IP addresses in question.

OK, the funnel is working, and I’ll contact the host. I have a dedicated IP so there shouldn’t be two. Thanks fellas.

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