TwitterBot Browser Spiking my traffic


I noticed a spike on the server at a specific time of the day. I dug into Cloudflare analytics, Web Analytics, Server Analytics, and Logs and I found out that I’m receiving many concurrent requests on different URLs at the same time. All of those requests appear to come from a TwitterBot Browser and an Unkown Operating System.

Attached is a screenshot of the number of visits.

Total Visits

Page views
(screenshot was taken the next day)

Below is zoomed-in capture showing the requests in a 3-minute timeframe. As you can see, the requests were generated in one shot (robotic behavior).

Zoomed-in preview

The weird thing is that the below chart (number of requests) does not seem to justify the spike in the first graph (number of visits).

Total Requests

I also noticed that the majority of 5xx errors were 503 errors and not 524. This means that the server was rate-limiting the requests coming from Cloudflare when the spike happened (suspecting an attack).


Any idea what is this TwitterBot browser thing? Isn’t Cloudflare supposed to mitigate and filter those kinds of requests at the edge?

Hmm… if you want to be cautious, I’d recommend enabling IUAM JUST IN CASE! But what’s the website your getting this on? Also I’d turn on “Bot fight mode” as well! But it’s up to you, if you want you can enable IUAM (I’m Under Attack Mode)!

Bot fight mode is already on. That’s why I was surprised those kinds of requests passed through. IUAM would only be a temporary solution.

Have you enabled IUAM? Also what’s the website URL?

Have you got some Firewall rules enabled?

Is it crawling your Website or?

If too much, you can then check and enable “Medium” for Security Level, if already not activated.

Maybe a fake TwitterBot?

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