Twitter images not loading

When using on iOS, Twitter will not load images in a timely manner. Takes several minutes before images to appear. No other apps seem to have this issue when using

Any ideas?

On the official Twitter app? I just checked mine and I’m seeing images. I’m running the latest versions of Twitter,, and iOS on an iPhone X. My app is set to DNS over TLS.

What troubleshooting have you tried so far, other than checking other apps?

Official Twitter app, latest version. iOS 12.2 on iPhone 8 Plus. I changed my setting to DNS over TLS like you mentioned, and it doesn’t seem to have made any difference. Some pictures are there, but there are a lot of tweets where the pictures and icons for the user are missing or are greyed out. The little wheel to the right of my VPN symbol spins and spins like it’s trying to download the pictures. They do download eventually, after several minutes. This happens on my home network and at work, and over my cellular network. Haven’t noticed any other adverse effects on any other apps on my phone, just Twitter.

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During today, I notice several, intermittent failures on twitter, non related with No images, then very low quality.

Doing a search on twitter you can find that several users are complaining about it.


I’ve had that happen - and seen a few others point it out. It looks be an isolated Twitter iOS issue.

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Yeah, it’s really weird. If I put my phone down for a few minutes with the app open and then look again, everything’s fine. I guess I’ll just chalk it up to a Twitter problem. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking some setting somewhere. Thanks.

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This has suddenly started to happen on both my iPad & phone. I have been using DNS Over https through CloudFlare with Pi-Hole for a long time, and suddenly hit this issue last night. Any suggestions for fixing? I see this thread is a year old.

An update to Cloudflared service on the pi-hole resolved the issue.