Twitch Verification Emails Delayed 4 Hours

I have a weird issue where verification emails are delayed about 4 hours before I receive them. I am just using Cloudflare to route emails to another email provider, and I’m not using Cloudflare’s own custom Email routing.

I thought the delay issue was due to my email hosting provider, but then I switched hosting providers and the delay is still happening. I contacted Twitch. support but they would not help with the issue. The Twitch emails originate from an system.

I’ve also tried switching my email address to a gmail address, and when I do that the emails arrive at Gmail without issue. This is with a domain.

It seems like there could be something happening with amazonses emails? I wanted to try contacting Amazon support but I’m not sure how I would do that. It seems you would need an Amazonses or some other Amazon cloud account to be able to reach them.

Does this mean that you just have Cloudflare hosting an MX DNS record that points to a hostname that is not in your own domain? Or something else? If you are not using Cloudflare beta email forwarding, what do you mean that you are using Cloudflare to route emails?

Sorry, yes, Cloudflare MX DNS record that points to my email host.

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