TWITCH Network Error Message by using WARP

only on random channels. some working, some arent. i can click the red button “load player again” isnt working. Reload Site isnt working. i could use exceptions, but i watch a lot of channels :confused:

Yes, there is such a problem. In addition, through WARP constantly connects to a server in Japan (Tokyo)

The screenshot above is a 100% solution to the problem.


I have been experiencing the same problem as OP from some time. I have tried adding,, * Sometimes adding one of those fixes it for some time, but some days later I get the same error. Sometimes even the “fix” is to remove the twitch entry from the “Exclude Split Tunnels” section.

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You don’t need to add these domains, only domains that resolve twitch servers.

That’s how it is for me *


Oh! I’ll try that.


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