Tutorial for load balancing

I don’t really get the load balancing. I got an email from Cloudflare telling me I had an additional 22,000 seconds of latency because I am not using it.
I now bought it but I don’t really get what to do… What Hostname do I put in? How do I configure it?

Load Balancing is if you have several servers with the exact same content so you can distribute the load. Do you multiple servers for the same site?

Urgh. No I don’t and there is no mention of it. It actually says “no additional hardware or software needed”.

Ah well

Can you post a picture of the email? It’s ok to black out any personal information.

That was not in the email but on this page about the load balancing (german):

Normally, a load balancer is a separate server. So in this case, someone who has multiple web servers won’t need a load balancing server as well since Clouldfare will provide that functionality. I guess it’s not clear, as you’re not the first person to look into load balancing for a single server.

I got the same email today. I ordered load balancing to speed up my site like told in the mail. I only have 1 server. Does that mean I ordered and payed for nothing? Then the email was very unclear and confusing. What should I do now?

That’s an interesting message. Would either of you happen to have multiple IP addresses in your DNS settings here? Like the same hostname with several “A” or “AAAA” records?

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What is the meaning of the email? Is there something wrong with my Cloudflare settings?
Do you think I should open a ticket?

You can ignore that email. I’m pretty sure it was sent in error.

Send a message to billing AT cloudflare DOT com and explain the situation. They’ll probably credit (or refund) the charge. @purnima is around and might see it, or know why these emails are going out.


Okay I’ll do this. Thank you for your help!

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