Tutor LMS Pro can't generate certificate for students

On my website which I have on a subdomain, is running a platform with Tutor LMS Pro… But when it comes to generating student certificates it seems that Cloudflare somehow prevents them from being generated (example URL: Secpro Certificate – Online Learning | Cybersecurity | Awareness) Since when you have the site locally or on another host without using Cloudflare, the certificate is generated correctly. Tutor LMS Pro support also assumes that the problem may be related to Cloudflare (Maybe your CDN/Cache but no matter how many times you clean it, it does not work), likewise the plugins were disabled to rule out that error but also did not work, if anyone can help me I would be grateful. Thanks!

I’m not familiar with that software (Tutor LMS Pro). From the documentation, I understand the certificates you are talking about are not HTTPS certificates, but proofs of completed courses?

I noticed that the site is build on Wordpress. Can you check that you are using the Full (strict) SSL setting in Cloudflare and not Flexible?

Yes, it is a proof of completed courses and the SSL setting has been strict up to today but some weeks ago I’m getting this issue.


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